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CAN I TRAVEL ALONE? ARE THERE INDIVIDUAL CABINS? You can book and travel individually but cabins are double, and crew share the same boat. The distribution is made the first day, of course as you all wish or prefer. There are some bunk beds, but most are double beds. The skipper usually sleeps in the lounge or where the bed which remains free. HOW MANY PEOPLE DO WE HAVE TO BE TO COMPLETE A BOAT? Depending on the boats that remain free when you reserve, and whether if it is with or without skipper. About 6-7 / 8-9 / 10-11 CAN I OR A FRIEND BE MY OWN SKIPPER? Yes, provided you have the propper title and you rent the complete boat. You will pay the total of the boat, and you will receive the skipper pax for free. CAN WE TAKE THE BOAT DIRECTLY IN IBIZA? Of course but we have to know in advance. CAN WE GO TO THE BEACH OR PLACES THAT WE WANT? Whenever you want, your dinghi (zodiac with motor) is for customer use, each boat has its own, You can take yours (no title) or your skipper also can take you. Back from there, whenever you wish you can also return, your skipper will be waiting and watching the boat and can pick you unless you have gone by your own. WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Swimsuit / bikini, towel, comfortable slippers and navigation for hiking, sun protection, sunglasses, flip flops and everything typical of a trip to the beach. ARE THERE PLUGS IN THE BOAT? On every ship there is a 220V power , but we recommend bringing mobile charger. The plug to be used with the engine running to avoid damaging the batteries. ARE WE GOING TO SLEEP IN THE SEE OR AT PORT? Boats will be in the beach where weather is better, if you want to sleep at port, customer should pay, and if also if weather conditions make it necessity. CAN WE GO TO A PARTY OUT OF OR BLUEWEEK MEET OTHER FRIENDS? The route of the organization Blueweek will be made, but you can get off where and when you want, if everyone on boat agrees. IS FOOD INCLUDED? In the boat will be some gifts from sponsors, but you must buy your own food. On the boat you have a fridge and storage location and fires and oven-grill. We recommend shopping before boarding, should not miss drinking water, and easy food to make and carry. We will bring you ice daily and you will be given some wine and beer, and you have twoo open bar parties . It can be bought in Ibiza and Formentera, but is more expensive and difficult. You should expect that each crew must feed your skipper one day. Or all if you buy food together. CLEANING AND GAS ARE INCLUDED? Cleaning and diesel are 50 € per person in total in both midweek and in the whole week which will be deducted from the deposit. WHAT IS THE DEPOSIT? The deposit is 150 euros per person to be paid before shipment and returned to finish the Blueweek, if there is no damage to the boat. Usually always it is returned in full, but if broken or lost something, you can replace or pay the amount of the loss and the rest is returned. WHAT ARE THE SHOWER AND BATH, HOW MUCH WATERR IS THERE? All boats have bathroom and shower inside, though we recommend using them as little as possible by the smells and hygiene. There is also an outside shower that is most comfortable for everyday use. Water is a precious value. Case draining it can be refill at the port (20 to 40 € per boat). The first deposit is included.

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